Welcome to the FlySafe Foundation.

FlySafe was officially established in late 2004 to deliver new information technology opportunities to the aviation sector, with a focus on safety. Yet its provenance went further back than that: the FlySafe founders were producing flight GPS/tracking/planning/following/meteorological computer applications as far back as 1994.

Most GA pilots are aware that the aviation community has traditionally lagged behind the public sector in assimilating new and innovative technological opportunities - probably, it might be thought, due to the attendent conservative, regulated and liability-cautious culture. It shouldn't be like this. Flying an aeroplane ought to as easy and an as accessible as jumping into the family sedan and driving to the local shopping precinct for the weekend's provisions. In truth it is just as easy and, more's to the point, a lot safer.

FlySafe has developed a suite of software tools and aids that provide real solutions addressing a number of current aviation practices. These tools and aids have been designed to meet the needs of the end user without being overly exhaustive and complicated to use. Indeed it is this focus of the software design that distinguishes FlySafe from all other packages on the market today.

We supply software and web-based services which provide effective solutions and safety within the aviation sector. Proven leaders in the fields of pre-flight planning, weathers, tracking and flight following, we have an agile and responsive development team who ensure premium quality of product and rapid progression of ideas and enhancements.

When you enter the FlySafe Foundation site you will see a typical "horizontal menu bar" the contents of which may vary from time to time - for example, there may be extra menu options if you have already signed in.